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Mortgage Assistance Relief Services and Keep Your Home Affordable

Loan Modification

Change your loan terms. Previously Declined for a Modification? No problem. We can review anything.

Forbearance Plans

Postpone Foreclosure. Forbearance Keep You There. Make No Payment Or Partial Payments Till You Can.

Deed in Lieu

Deed your property back to the bank. Avoid Foreclosure and avoid the hassle of selling.

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Short Sales

Underwater? Owe more than what your home is worth? We specialize in getting the bank to go away.

Mortgage Settlement

Settle Any Debt; Get it off your title. If you owe more than your home is worth this could be the option for you.


Need a business loan, or fast money based on your equity? You’ve come to the right place. *Excludes Primary Residences

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Short Sale Negotiation

Are you going through financial crises and unable to pay your mortgage installments? Do you need short sale loan, loan modification, foreclosure, and short refinance and equity sake negotiation services? We can negotiate on your behalf.

Short Refinance

A short refinance is a transaction in which your lender or bank agrees to pay off your current mortgage to avoid the foreclosure and bankruptcy and replace it with a new loan with reduced balance. Short refinance benefits both the lender and borrower. *Excludes Primary Residences Unless You Have Someone To Lend To You On Your Primary Residence Under Required Conditions. Call For Details.

Stop Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a sale of real estate property in an auction to recover the lent amount from borrower. In foreclosure process lender seizes the home and borrower not only has to walk away from home, but also may have legal complications and loss of job.

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