Absolute Consultant Group

Nearing two decades of experience. Absolute Consultant Group brings the knowledge of thousands of cases to your finger tips.

01. Strategic

We help you analyze your options and set up a strategy. Whether you’ve been reviewed before or this is your very first time we help you explore the avenues you didn’t even know where possible.

02. Professional

When you work with our organization you get the level of professionalism you’ve come to expect with a team of experts available nationwide.

03. Loyal Customers

A large part of our business comes from referrals. Clients know when they’ve found a good thing and they’re sharing it. Find out what all the fuss is about. Call to speak to a consultant today!

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

We’ve seen just about every situation. Loan Modifications, Short Sales, Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure, Repayment Plans, Forbearance Plans, and the list goes on. It’s no surprise that we’ve been able to get more approvals than homeowners doing this on their own. 


More Knowledge


Declines Turned To Approvals*


Our Process

Setup Department

Get Your File Moving Fast

Our Setup Department understands that your file needs to get going quick no matter what the circumstances are. With years of experience they have the ability to review the documents we receive and often have the foresight of what the banks will ask for. Fewer missing items in the long run means faster review time and lessens the chance you will need to provide the same documentation over again.

PRocessing Department

Efficiently Process Your Requests

Our Processing Department has one goal in mind; Success. We don’t get paid unless we are successful which means you finding resolution is our top priority. We have made thousands of contacts at lenders and facilitated relationships with hundreds of banks. We use our knowledge, the contacts we know, and our persistence to get anything possible done. If anyone can make it happen, we can!


Checks And Balances To A Science

Our Management Team is second to none. We use technology to your advantage. Running reports on the health of your file as it goes through the process is not something that just anyone can offer you because we developed our own system. Tracking due dates, thresholds, escalations, at a click of the button is something that allows us to get more done for you in less time while having a hands on approach.


What We Do Best

Understand The Pieces

We know what and more importantly when you move your pieces.

Focus on your Target

Zero in on your mortgage target like never before with greater accuracy. 


We analyze as many data points as possible in order to increase options.

Greater Experience

10000/hr = Expert. You can add to a zero to that.** Try us out. Ask us anything.

Geared Up

We are up to date with the latest technologies to support you.

Your Missing Piece

If it seems that you’ve been missing someting; You have. Us! Call Now!

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*percentage based off of declines reviewed and prequalified. Speak to a specialist for details.

** Number reflects combined management aggregated hours and experience. Loss Mitigation Experts since 2001.