CitiMortgage Loan Modification

Get Help With Your CitiMortgage Loan Modification

Talk To A Specialist Who Knows How To Deal With A Seterus Mortgage.

Get Help With Your CitiMortgage Loan Modification

Talk To A Specialist Who Knows How To Deal With A Seterus Mortgage.

CitiMortgage Loan Modification Process

CitiMortgage. loan modification involves similar conventional phase that are involved in the modification process of other companies. The process is further explained below:

  1. Interview By Phone The process starts by a simple interview over the phone with the servicing agent of the customer services department.
  2. Package Submission Thsi phase involes the complete filling and submission of the CitiMortgage loan modification package which is called Request for Mortgage Assistance (RMA) Form.
  3. Seterus Inc BPO  (Broker’s Price Opinion) Sometimes the proverty has to be valuated and a Broker’s Price Opinion has to be obtained. Sometimes Automatic valuation model is used for this.
  4. Negotiations This phase involves the negotiation for the new terms for the loan or mortgage which are then reviewed and sent to underwriting for approval.
  5. Modification Approval/Decline The servicer responds on behalf of the client about the approval or decline of the modification application.

The process looks very simple but we are sorry to say that it is never this simple. We Absolute Consultant Group (ACG) are a company that support the homeowners through the loan modification process. The runarounds are normal during the modification process. Sometimes the company asks for the same documents again and again. The departments often give the customers a run around from department to department. The CitiMortgage loan modification department often transfers the customers to the servicing department and it sends them back to where they started. It is much better to come to our staff rather than submitting the wrong information, getting denied or not being able to figure out what to do and can save you a lot of trouble. Our staff is available to review your paperwork and to help you step with the best foot forward. Call us at 888-934-3444.

CitiMortgage Loan Modification Timeline

There is a lot of bureaucracy involved in a company like CitiMortgage. Due to this the timeline of CitiMortgage Inc. loan modification varies  due to reasons that sometimes are very straight but that is not always the case. Here are a few reasons why the answers to this question are such complicated.

For one, CitiMortgage is only a loan serving company. They are representing the debt on someone else’s behalf which is an investor. This hugely effects the decision taking capabilty of CitiMortgage. As a home loan servicing company they follow the Pooling and Servicing Agreement (PSA), This serves like an agreement between all institutions. The company can take some of the secisions on behalf of the investor but not all the decisions. This means that they have to get permision from the investor for every loan modification that they want to make. Certain investors take the process of making decision and do it themselves. In this kind of regulated business the more hands involved the longer it takes in processing leaving CitiMortgage’s hands tied.

Another issue, In CitiMortgage loan modification timeline is the priority. The application are usually prioritized by date as they are received by the company. The company sorts the applications on forst come first seve basis but it also depends on if you have a near foreclosure date. If that is the case then it is likely that your application will be pushed to the front of the line and considered sooner for the mortgage assistance. It must be kept in mind that the institutions like CitiMortgage have foreclosure dates for almost every day. Due to this the process does not go forward as quickly as you want it to.

  • Lastly, All mortgages are not created equal. There are a large number of mortgage programs each having different terms and regulations about how they will modify your loan. Usually, if the first program is not suitable for you or them they will consider you for the next one and so on untill they find the mortgage solution that works. Departments are very specialized due to these conditions so many times different representatives handle different parts of the review.

Seterus Inc’s Home Mortgage Loan Modification Timeline Conclusion: While it would be great that we can give our customers the exact timeline for the loan modification. The timelines vary greatly from customer to customer. It depends on whether the servicer can take the decision themselve or they have to send it to the investor for approval. It depends on whether you fit the first program you are reviewed for or the 10th or 11th. It also depends on the factors from outside the bank such as how fast they can get the valuation on the property and how fast they receive the legible documents.

If Your CitiMortgage Loan Modification Has Been Denied. It May Not Be Too Late


Dealing With A CitiMortgage Loan Modification Decline

Have you been declined by CitiMortgage? Has CitiMortgage denied your request for Home Loan Modification. The Decline can be confusing. Understanding the details of all the plans and how that conflicts with your information is key. Here at ACG we have dozens of points we review in order to understand why your SPS Home Mortgage loan modification was rejected. Have us review your declined modifcation for free by calling us at 888-934-3444.

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CitiMortgage Inc. Home Mortgage Complaints


CitiMortgage Inc. Home Mortgage Loan Modification Reviews

CitiMortgage Inc. Loan Modification Complaints

CitiMortgage Inc. is a large company and the rules are literally changing every day. There are a lot of departments and even more hands in the pot of each case that making it through the system can be a real drag. It doesn’t have to be though and that’s where we come in. Give us a call and see how we can help you with your loan modification. Call 888-934-3444.

CitiMortgage 1 Star Reviews

CitiMortgage 1 Star Review:

Horrible experience when our note came due. Was treated like a child from incompetent rude people. Made me jump thru hoops to gather tons of info just to be jerks and unsympathetic to my situation. We were always on time for payments. My husband lost his job and I became a caregiver for my parents. They rudely told me to get out and get a job and do a short sale on my home. All we wanted was a temporary reduction in our 2715.00 monthly payment to get on our feet. Made us feel like we were idiots! They have no compassion for anyone and didn’t even try to help in any way. The most horrible act that committed was all the time and calls they made me go thru before totally rejecting any help for us.

Michelle, Glenn Elaiyne, IL

CitiMortgage 1 Star Review:

We have had a house on a short sale in NM due the crash in the housing market out there. Well, the first buyer hung on for two months, but Citibank could not somehow come up with the Lien Release that they should have acquired when they took the loan over. Then our second buyer waited for ONE YEAR and still, Citi never got the required lien release stating they were having trouble locating the document and got their legal dept involved.

After the second buyer dropped the sale, which I could not blame them, the third buyer signed on for 45 days only. I called the title company that should have had the lien release, I secured it within 5 minutes sent the copy to CitiMortgage AND their attorneys and STILL the sale did not go through and we lost our third buyer.

Lynn, Gainesville, FL

Don't Be A 1 Star Review

Don't Be A 1 Star Review

CitiMortgage 1 Star Review:

My mom has spent almost 3 years trying to get loan modified after the death of my father. She had to undergo repetitive processes of submitting paperwork only to be told to submit to different department. They secretly tried to begin foreclosure after my mom went through the bankruptcy process, but was interrupted when we hired an attorney. Even with legal assistance, they are stalling and has sent her account to a debt collection company. I am confident that if they’ve done this to us, they have done this to others.

Michelle, Ocala, FL

1 Star Situations Happen Every Day

ACG 5 Star Reviews

ACG 5 Star Review:

Tried modifying my mortgage loan on my own, twice actually, but no luck. Until I called ACG. [I] got my loan mod approved and all is well. Michael, Woodland Hills, CA

ACG 5 Star Review:

We were struggling trying to get assistance in keeping our home for over a year when I was introduced to ACG Today both my homes are modified and our family has a chance for a fresh start. Patricia, Porter Ranch, CA

ACG 5 Star Review:

I have worked with [the] team personally and professionally referring them many clients over the past few years. If you need help with a loan modification, short sale, or want to avoid foreclosure I highly suggest you use Absolute Consultant Group! Daniel, Santa Clarita, CA

You Can't Chance Being A 1 Star Review.

ACG Specialist Here To Help Your CitiMortgage

You Know You Can't Chance Being A 1 Star Review.

ACG Specialist Here To Help Your CitiMortgage Home Mortgage.

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