Loan Settlement Service

Are you working with one or more loans? Negative equity impacting your escrow? It takes an experienced specialist to know how to navigate the process for the best results.


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Our Specialties

We have experienced with all types of debt.


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Mortgage Liens

The most common short sale is when there are one or more mortgage loans against the property and they must sign off before you can close on your escrow.


After a lawsuit the court may award an abstract judgement which will then be held against you. It takes knowledge and experience; We’re here for you. 

Government Liens

Understanding how the government operates is only half the battle. When you’re dealing with government liens what you say can be used against you.

Fly Through 

The process has never been simpler for you. We have whittled down the details so you can blast through the tough stuff and coast through a successful escrow.

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