Thank you for 2014!

We couldn't do it without you.

New Services for 2015

Things just got a little more exciting!

Transaction Coordiation

Transaction Coordination just went to the next level. You trusted us to manage short sales imagine what we do for your regular transactions. Competitive and a great value we help you manage your timelines.


2nd Lien Settlement

Lien settlements happen in all different shapes and sizes. Only paid upon success we work with the toughest lenders to resolve even the most complicated transactions. Settle for pennies of what was originally owed.

Credit Restoration

Even if you have perfect credit and have never missed a payment credit restoration can help improve scores at the different credit bureaus. That means why pay more while others pay less?

We Can Help You In A Better Way!

Even if you’re unemployed there might be a lender assistance program that would be right for you. Lenders don’t want to foreclosure so setting up a plan with them before you’re too far behind is crucial.