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Carrington Mortgage Short Sale Application, Forms And Packages

Short Sale Package PDF

Take the first step to getting started on your short sale. Download Forms Here.

Next Steps

Find out what’s next. Make sure you cross every ‘T’ and dot every ‘I’.  No Mistakes!

Other Mortgage Programs

It may not be too late to try other options. We can review what’s out there.

Get Carrington Mortgage Forms

Take the first step to getting started on your short sale. Download Forms Here.

Next Steps

Find out what’s next. Make sure you cross every ‘T’ and dot every ‘I’.  No Mistakes!

Other Mortgage Programs

It may not be too late to try other options. We can review what’s out there.

Are You Still Dealing With Carrington Mortgage By Yourself?!

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?Are You Still Dealing With Carrington Mortgage By Yourself?!?

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Carrington Mortgage RMA Short Sale Package Forms

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FREE  Custom Carrington Mortgage Strategy Session With A Carrington Mortgage Experienced Team Member.
Carrington Mortgage RMA Short Sale Package Forms

Limited Time Offer Coupon!

FREE  Custom Carrington Mortgage Strategy Session With A Carrington Mortgage Experienced Team Member.

Step 1: Carrington Mortgage Short Sale Experts

Find out why no one knows more than we do.

Finding The Right Short Sale Agent

Finding The Right Agent

There are very few people in the market who know how to properly deal with short sales even though short sale is a highly common process . That is why, it is extremely important that your short sale must be dealt by the right professional . If you don’t know where to turn to we’ve got access to a set of elite professionals nationwide. Click here to request a call from a short sale pro or call 888-934-3444. 

Get The Short Sale Listing On The Market

Get The Property Listed!

Getting your property listed is an important thing that you will have to do. You will have to work with a local broker such that your property gets a fair review. You will never be allowed to just bring an offer to the lender. You may be asked for documents such as the MLS Listing and MLS History as a proof that the short sale has been properly listed.

You can not proceed to next step until you have completed this step properly and the Listing Agreement will be amongst the first of the documents required to get your short sale going.

Pro Tip: Many lenders will require you to list for a minimum of 5 days and a weekend before accepting an offer.
NOTE: Carrington Mortgage may sometimes prequalify you for the short sale for some cases. They may even tell you to what to list the home as in some cases. Know that all of this is misleading because when you get an offer they will still need to do a full and standard short sale review.

Step 2: The Short Sale Offer

Making an offer on a Carrington Mortgage Short Sale is more than just a number!

Real Estate Short Sale Definition

What is a short sale?

A short sale is the one in which the offered amount for the property is not enough to pay off all the debts taken against the property. Until you have an offer any lender including Carrington Mortgage can never review your application . The net amount left once all the closing costs have been deducted from it is one of the things a lender will need to see. This includes past due taxes, non-recurring closing costs, attorney fees, settlement fees, title fees, and anything else that may apply.

Best Short Sale Buyer

Find The Right Buyer For Your Short Sale

Strong Short Sale Buyers

A potential buyer of a short sale must have the quality of patatience. A buyer who is ready to wait will always be better in the long than all cash buyer or the buyer whose offer is more than others. Your broker is required to interview the potential buyers to make sure they are a good fit.Broker representing the buyer is as important as the buyer

Previously Approved Short Sales

Previously Approved Carrington Mortgage Short Sale

Some brokers advertise that they had a previously approved short sale with Carrington Mortgage just to mislead the customer that the short sale process will be quicker. They will be required to make a full review even if they had previously approved the short sale and all the terms were met.

Pro Tip: One offer can be reviewed at a time by lenders. The process can be hard and require a forth effort to make through. Make sure you choose the one most likely to close. Highest offer doesnot always come with the best value.

Step 3: Submit Carrington Mortgage Short Sale Package

Thoroughly review your documents. The wrong information can hurt you!

Carrington Mortgage Short Sale Submittal

Submiting Your Short Sale Package to Carrington Mortgage To Get The Process Going.

What is in the Carrington Mortgage Short Sale Package?

Usually, every lender is required to submit similar documents. Below follows a list of documents usually demanded by the lender: a listing agreement, a purchase agreement, proof of the buyer’s ability to perform such as proof of funds or a prequalification letter from the buyer’s lender. That’s only the beginning.

As a short sale seller they also require you to provide your financial information such as a monthly budget, your tax returns for the last two years along with a 4506t to show the returns were actually filed, pay stubs or proof of income like a profit and loss, bank statements, reason for requiring to do a short sale, and a hardship letter.

Pro Tip: Working with a skilled team such as ours should be able to pick out the items that will most likely be asked of by your lender. If your lender has to request items it’s likely they passed over your short sale when it could have been reviewed.

Step 4: Carrington Mortgage Short Sale Broker's Price Opinion (BPO) or Appraisal


Carrington Mortgage Short Sale Value

Getting The Right Value Goes A Long Way.

In order to figure out whether you are eligible for the short sale or not a lender must get a Broker’s Proce Opinion (BPO). In most of the cases, a broker completes valuation by comparing the similar properties which are either currently listed or have been sold in the previous 3 to 6 months. They consider the homes perceived condition, the size of the living space, the size of the lot, how many stories it has and whether or not it has a pool.

Market conditions and how fast homes are selling in the area will also be considered. There are many factors they take into consideration.

Carrington Mortgage Short Sale Appraisal

Short Sale Appraisal Values

A lender like Carrington Mortgage is always working for an investor who is now facing a loss so it is important that they complete a valuation. Sometimes, they may want an appraisal from an appraiser if an investor wants a deeper review. Appraisers have specific licenses that are to determine the fair market value of properties. Some investors such as Fannie Mae (FNMA) complete two appraisals. The type of value completed varies from lender to lender and investor to investor.

Carrington Mortgage Value Disputes and Variances

Filing Value Disputes and Variances

Its is very exception that a value may sometimes return too high and it can happen to both rookies and experts. Sometimes broker is not from the area and compares properties that have nothing in common to each other. So, all of your hard work and meeting with the broker or appraiser does not matter in the end.

Pro Tip: Short Sale Variance is an opportunity to apply for a short sale servicer such as Carrington Mortgage to vary from their typical practices. Often values are good from the day they are completed for 90 days; Sometimes longer.

Step 5: Finalize Short Sale Terms


How Long Does A Carrington Mortgage Short Sale Take

Carrington Mortgage’s Short Sale Time Line Coming To An End.

This is the time when the undersigned will decide to  approve your short sale application and send it to the investor or not. Usually there is an auditing process before submission to the management and if approved there is often another auditing process that occurs before an approval letter is issued.

Carrington Mortgage Short Sale Counters

Carrington Mortgage Counters Short Sale

A counter or rejection may be issued at your short sale application at that time. Special skills are needed to compete with either of these situations acquired only by experience . Anyone can get the easy ones done but it’s the difficult transactions that seperates that experts from the wannabees.

Step 6: Closing A Short Sale


Short Sale Escrow

Short Sale Escrow.

If you ever came across a  typical escrow a short sale escrow will look very much similar. The typical escrow process will start after all the debt holders have given their approval. Title search must have been issued by now to ensure that all the interest holders in the property have been properly addressed.

Short Sale Extensions

Carrington Mortgage Issues Short Sale Extension

What Ifyou have not been able to complete the short sale process and the approval letter expires ? We get this question all the time and to be honest, there is not a simple answer to this. It depends on lateness of the mortgage, whether the value they have expired, and many other details. If you need more time to see what we are able to get approved with Carrington Mortgages Management consult one of our professionals. Results may vary greatly but the best part of our services is we only get paid if the transaction successfully closes (we are gernerally paid from the real estate comissions awarded to the agents involved and paid out of Carrington Mortgage’s net).

Pro Tip: Week one. Strike that. Within a few days of having all the approvals in line you should be able to tell whether or not this buyer is going to really perform. The right professionals apply pressure to all the parties involved to ensure the transaction gets done!

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How Does ACG Get Paid?

Want to sell your property on time! Absolute Consultant Group (ACG) can help you by working with your local broker to get your property sold on time. For our services we will get paid directly by Carrington Mortgage from the escrow closing account. If the transaction does not close we will not get payment for any service . Usually, we get our payment for our services from the amount that is awarded to the agents involved in the deal. This service generally costs the seller nothing out of pocket. Call for details 888-934-3444.

Understanding The Carrington Mortgage Short Sale Status

The Carrington Mortgage Package is a little bit difficult and lengthy document. Carrington Mortgage is not interested in making the process any simpler for its consumers that is why ACG is here to offer you to assist with your application for the short sale process to get mortgage assistance from your servicer.

Assistance For Carrington Mortgage

We can provide you help regarding all challenge relate to Carrington Mortgage. You will find us the only ones who will provide best service in any kind of Mortgage relief service with Carrington Mortgage. We can help you to complete your short sale with them.

Call Us 888-934-3444 Today.

Carrington Mortgage Short Sale Package Breakdown

To Answer what is Carrington Mortgage Package?
When you will apply for a mortgage assistance with Carrington Mortgage the first thing required from you will be a completed package called Carrington Mortgage Request for Mortgage Assistance (RMA). One thing to make sure is that the package you are submiting is the latest one; It always benefits to consult with a professional first. The paperwork we last found was put up on the Absolute Consultant Group(ACG) Website. ACG helps homeowners with their Carrington Mortgage and Carrington Mortgage Modification process.

There are 8 Sections to the standard Carrington Mortgage Request for Mortgage Assistance (RMA).

Need Assistance With A Carrington Mortgage?


Need Assistance With A Carrington Mortgage?


Short Sale RMA Package PDF Breakdown:

Hardship Affidavit Application Check List

  1. Borrower Information This section will require the consumer to fill out all the personal details of the borrower and co-borrower. This section will also ask whether your property is listed for sale etc.
  2.  Required Documention/Hardship Affidavit This section will require you to fill out your current finanical situation. Primary reason for your hardship and submission of applicable documentation
  3. Expense for Household. In this section you will be required to put the income of both the borrower and co-borrower. You will also be required to put the monthly income details of the whole household.
  4. DODD-FRANK Certification In this section you will have to certify to a certain things like you have not committed any felonies like theft money laundering, tax evasions etc
  5. Other properties owned In this section you are required to fill out Information about all properties that you or the co-borrower own, other than your principal residence.
  6. Other Properties for which assistance is required You are required to fill out that secction only if you are requesting mortagage assiatance for a property that is not your principal residence.
  7. Acknowledgement and Agreement In this section you have to certify that all of the information in RMA is truthful and hardship idtentified has contrubuted to submission of this request for mortgage assistance.
  8. Information for government monitoring purposes In this section you are encouraged to fill out the information like ethnicity and race of borrower.

Carrington Mortgage Is Difficult. Don't Go It Alone. Professionals Standing By.


Disclaimer: Using The Wrong Form May Lead To A Denial

We provide mortgage servicers mortgage assistance package, forms, and applications to for educational purposes only. This is a sample document used to obtain mortgage assistance relief workout programs with your mortgage servicer. Prior to completing the form contact your (your client's) Mortgage's servicing department OR one of our professionals at 888-934-3444 to make sure they are sending the right loan modification or short sale package. Your home loan servicer, whether dealing with a Home Loan Modification or Short Sale (mortgage settlement, short pay off or discounted payoff) RMA Package offered on this website may not be the correct package depending on your investor. By downloading this RMA (Request for Mortgage Assistance) from our website does not guarantee loan modification assistance or any other mortgage relief programs to try to avoid foreclosure through mortgage servicer, its agents, employees, affiliates or subsidiaries. Prior to the use of any documents you should consult an attorney.

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