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Dovenmuehle Loan Modification

Get Help With Your Dovenmuehle Loan Modification

Talk To A Specialist Who Knows How To Deal With A Dovenmuehle Mortgage.

Get Help With Your Dovenmuehle Loan Modification

Talk To A Specialist Who Knows How To Deal With A Dovenmuehle Mortgage.
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Dovenmuehle Mortgage Modification Process

The Dovenmuehle Home Mortgage Modification process follows the following conventional loan modification process:

  1. Interview Over The Phone initiates The Application Process
  2. Submission of complete Dovenmuehle Request for Mortgage Assistance Package of Paperwork; Provide supporting documents and complete finances.
  3. Sometimes a property valuation is completed if required – Often this is done via an automated valuation model (AVM)
  4. Terms of Modification Are Reviewed, Negotiated and Sent To Underwriting
  5. Lender Provides A Response

If the process was this easy we would be out of a job; Sadly they never are and that is why we, Absolute Consultant Group (ACG) are here to support homeowners through the process. There is always back and forth with the Dovenmuehle Loan Modification Process. Submitting documents over and over again is very typical.  Often you will get transfered from department to department having you run around from Dovenmuehle Home Mortgage Loan Modifiation Department to Dovenmuehle Customer Service Department. Often clients come to us after submitting the wrong information on their application, getting denied, and not being able to figure out what happened. Our staff is available to review your paperwork and to help you step with the best foot forward. Call us at 888-934-3444.

Dovenmuehle Home Mortgage Loan Modification Timeline

Dealing with large companies such as Dovenmuehle you know there are a lot of moving parts. Dovenmuehle  Loan Modifcation timelines vary often on obvious and other not so obvious parts. Here are a few of the reasons this question has such sticky answers.

  • For one, Dovenmuehle is often just serving as a loan servicer. Meaning that they are often representing the debt on someone elses behalf which limits their ability to make their own decisions. As a servicer they have to abide by their PSA or Pooling and Servicing Agreement that they have with each investor. They may be delegated to make decisions on behalf of the investor they are servicing the loan for and in other cases they are not delegated (non-delegated) which means they have to request permission from the investor before being able to make any arrangements. Some investors such as Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FHLMC) have pulled almost all decision making authority from most servicers. As you can imagine the more parties invovled the longer it takes and the more someone like Dovenmuehle Mortgage Department has their hands tied.
  • Another issue, affecting the modification timeline is urgency. This business is a first come first service until you ask if your Dovenmuehle Loan has a sale date? If it does, chances are you are going to get bumped up in the process. Servicers such as Dovenmuehle Mortgage have homes going to sale just about all the time. Sales even set a week from today are not worked as urgently as you might want because of foreclosures pending going to auction between today, tomorrow and the next day. Remember this business is a first come first serve but it is also influenced by foreclosure status and proximity to the sale date.
  • Lastly, there is no one size that fits all mortgage solution. You often will be reviewed for a large number of programs. If you don’t qualify for the first modification type they will review you for the next one. In the banking world departments become very specialized in their  particular types of programs. Loan modification negotiators review only loan modifications and short sale negotiators only review short sales. The method is called the waterfall process and you will also find that often you are reviewed by different loan modification departments at each step of the waterfall.

Dovenmuehle Mortgage Loan Modification Timeline Conclusion: Sorry to say but time frames vary greatly. Whether the decisions can be made in house or have to be sent out for appoval, whether you fit the first plan you are reviewed for or the 10th plan, along with factors outside the bank including but not limited to how fast they are able to get their property values back from valuation companies, how fast documents are received legibly on their end and much much more all effect how long it will take for your Dovenmuehle Mortage Loan Modifiication to be reviewed.

If Your Dovenmuehle Mortgage Modification Has Been Denied. It May Not Be Too Late


Dealing With A Dovenmuehle Mortgage Loan Modification Decline

Often dealing with a Dovenmuehle Home Loan Modification Decline may be confusing. Understanding the details of all the plans and how that conflicts with your information is key. Here at ACG we have dozens of points we review in order to understand why your Dovenmuehle Mortgage loan modification was rejected. Have us review your declined modifcation for free by calling us at 888-934-3444.

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Dovenmuehle Home Mortgage Loan Modification Reviews

Dovenmuehle Loan Modification Complaints

Dovenmuehle is a large company and the rules are literally changing every day. There are a lot of departments and even more hands in the pot of each case that making it through the system can be a real drag. It doesn’t have to be though and that’s where we come in. Give us a call and see how we can help you with your loan modification. Call 888-934-3444.

Dovenmuehle Star Reviews

Dovenmuehle 1 Star Review:

As sooo many others have stated, this company SUCKS!   No choice as my mortgage was “sold” from one shitty firm (Movement Mortgage) to this shitty firm.   I have attempted to pay my monthly payment ($1793.97) in four weekly payments of $600.00 Each week with extra ($606.03) towards principal only.  (Its how hubby and I get paid and how we like to pay all our bills!)  In the year of 2017, I find it hard to believe that they do not have computer programs or mechanisms in place to assign payments as such.  I want my mortgage paid off as quickly as possible and was told by making weekly or biweekly payments can cut your 30-year mortgage to as little as 15 – 20 years!!!   Why wouldn’t a company want to have a mortgage paid off so they could move on to the next borrower except for the fact they want to ensure they make as much money off interest as possible!   THIEFS!  If people wanna pay they should allow it, not ensure consumer debt for their exorbitant profits!!   I cannot wait to be in a position to refi with my local bank where I know they will allow this.

Tracy F., Monroeville, NJ


Dovenmuehle 1 Star Review:

As have many others, I had my mortgage assumed by Dovenmuehle. I find the company disorganized, rude, and just generally sloppy. Takes forever to talk to somebody on the phone and they are often not well-informed. Bad experience all around

Winston A., Irvine, CA

Don't Be A 1 Star Review


Don't Be A 1 Star Review


Dovenmuehle 1 Star Review:

Since the consumer is powerless about having their mortgage transferred to a servicer, there’s nothing I can do to fight back with my dollars. This is a poor substitution, since I doubt anyone is going to actually choose to go to Dovenmuehle, based on their reputation. But in any case…

They have lost my payment TWICE, the only times in my 20-year history of home ownership that this has happened. Both times it has involved multiple phone calls and emails to resolve, at an estimate of about four hours of holding, entering my account number (which I at least have memorized by now), sending emails, scanning support documents, etc.

I would do anything to escape their clutches…short of paying the 1% interest increase I’d incur if I refinanced at this point… ?

Sharon L., Austin, TX

1 Star Situations Happen Every Day


ACG 5 Star Reviews

ACG 5 Star Review:

Tried modifying my mortgage loan on my own, twice actually, but no luck. Until I called ACG. [I] got my loan mod approved and all is well.

Michael, Woodland Hills, CA

ACG 5 Star Review:

We were struggling trying to get assistance in keeping our home for over a year when I was introduced to ACG Today both my homes are modified and our family has a chance for a fresh start.

Patricia, Porter Ranch, CA

ACG 5 Star Review:

I have worked with [the] team personally and professionally referring them many clients over the past few years. If you need help with a loan modification, short sale, or want to avoid foreclosure I highly suggest you use Absolute Consultant Group!

Daniel, Santa Clarita, CA

You Can't Chance Being A 1 Star Review.

ACG Specialist Here To Help Your Dovenmuehle Mortgage.

You Know You Can't Chance Being A 1 Star Review.

ACG Specialist Here To Help Your Dovenmuehle Home Mortgage.

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