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EverHome Mortgage Inc. Short Sale

EverHome Short Sale Decline

EverHome Short Sale Denied?

EverHome Short Sale

EverHome Short Sale Process

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EverHome Mortgage Short Sale Process

Some investors will require you to first apply for EverHome Loan Modification but once you have been declined for it the process for EverHome Short sale is pretty straight forward:

  1. To initiate the short sale process with EverHome we place a call and talk to their councellor
  2. The completely filled Everhome Request for Mortgage Assistance (RMA) will be required with complete finances.
  3. It will be required to schedule and complete a broker’s price opinion (Some investors require two interior inspections)
  4. The new terms will be negotiated with EverHome mortgage about Short Sale Fees And Costs To Be Paid Out Of The Seller’s Proceeds.
  5. Lender EverHome Mortgage Provides A Response To Short Sale Offer Made.

The short sale process with EverHome Mortgage is sadly never easy. It feels like something always comes up when applying for short sale with the company. While dealing with short sale negotiators it is typical to repeat the same steps over and over. We will have to run around from department to department while dealing with EverHome Mortgage short sale. The Loan Modification Department maybe needs to close it out, or the short sale department doesn’t have someone assigned to EverHome Mortgage Customers Service Department; Above all you need to know better when they are sending you in the wrong direction. Often clients come to us after submitting the wrong information on their application, getting denied, and not being able to figure out what happened. We can help you review any declines.

EverHome Home Loans Short Sale Timeline

When dealing with what effects the EverHome short sale timeline you should know that it is effected by some simple factors but sometimes not so simple factors. These are just a few of the hoops we have to jump through when dealing with a short sale.

  • For one, EverHome Mortgage is a company that serves only as a mortgage notes service provider. EverHome Short Sale Application is generally only a piece of what governs EverHome mortgage servicing as they have to bide by the PSA or Pooling and Servicing Agreement that sets the rules for each and every loan; This contract is directly between servicer and investor. Mostly the investor for which the company is sevicing the loan for does not allow EverHome Mortgage to make all the decisions themselve, they have to get permission for the decisions that they are not allowed to make. Some investors such as Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FHLMC) have pulled almost all decision making authority from many servicers. The more parties you have to deal with the longer it’s going to take.
  • Additionally, The question that whether your EverHome Mortgage loan has a sale date or not. If it comes to the situation that the foreclosure has to be stopped so that EverHome Mortgage short sale can be completed, the company can be difficult to deal with. You can majorly improve your chances of getting bumped up if you can get a value completed. As a loan servicer they have homes being sold at auction every day. Sale dates even for the coming week are not worked with ugency you would expect. As a first come first serve business model it can also be influenced by foreclosure status and proximity to the upcoming sale date (if applicable).
  • Finally, not all negotiations are equal; This goes for both sides. Often miscomunication is the number one reason why a short sale fail. People become very specialized in this niche of representing homeowners (borrowers) infront of EverHome Mortgage in these financial application processes to find mortgage assistance. Often you will be put though the multiple levels of management including approval from an investor as mentioned above depending on what their total losses are.

EverHome Mortgage Short Sale Timeline Conclusion: Your EverHome Short Sale Timeline will vary based on many different factors. Decisions that can be made in house will clearly be quicker than those that have to be sent out for appoval., what the value comes back at from the appraisal completed by EverHome’s Short Sale Department compared to what the offer is that is being made to them, how fast EverHome Loss Mitigation department received the EverHome’s Short Sale Application documents are received (readable) and other factors will come together to effect how long it will take for your EverHome Mortgage Short Sale to be Approved.

If Your EverHome Short Sale Was Denied There May Still Be Options.


How To Fix A EverHome Mortgage Short Sale Decline?

Often dealing with EverHome Mortgage and how they deal with short sale buyers offers being declined may be confusing. Often they will not be clear not only as to why but if there is anything that can be done to fix it.  Here at ACG we review dozens of points in order to understand why your ocwen short sale offer was rejected. Have us review your declined short sale for free by calling us at 888-934-3444.

EverHome Mortgage Servicing Mortgage Reviews

EverHome Mortgage Servicing Complaints

Often we have gotten on the phone with a EverHome Loan for one of our Customers where we are given the run arround. They can be very difficult to work with and making matters worse is their rude agents on the phone. When dealing with a Loan Servicing where the people on the phone make you feel like they don’t care getting a straight story can be difficult with your EverHome Mortgage.

Due to space constraints we are not able to include the complete review(s). The name of each reviewer links to where the reviews maybe located. For the complete review click the links.

EverHome 1 Star Review:

Increased payment $200 after doing a friendly “escrow audit” – I dispute EVERYTHING about my loan originated by Countrywide – over charges – knowing we were in trouble, the equity strip the loan for small amount but extended the mortgage 30 more years. BofA had servicers/collectors named loan officer – taping fraudclosure documents to our door. I am sick of this treatment – I don’t want a free home, I’ve paid my mortgage and taxes for 18 years and now these criminal banks, servicers and bottom feeders want a FREE HOME! ANGRY as HELL

Zoe, Seattle, WA

EverHome 1 Star Review:

I will be very brief. I wish I had read these reviews before starting with Everbank. This is a very convincing operation when you start but as soon as you commit it all changes. The problem seems to be that they know they have you and it is near impossible to start over with someone else. They are simply cranking numbers and once you are with them communication becomes horrible and everything gets complicated. They will do their best to get you to this point quickly giving you the impression that they are very professional and communicate well but then you are passed to someone who is too busy trying to dig out and everything goes bad from there. Read the other reviews… See a pattern? Stay far away!

Stephen, Livonia, MI

Don't Be A 1 Star Review


Don't Be A 1 Star Review


EverHome 1 Star Review:

I purchased a home (I thought) through Flagstar as a conventional loan at 6% in 2005. They sold my mortgage to Everhome Mortgage a few years later. I wanted to refinance the loan, as the property was not worth what I took the mortgage out for, when I heard about the new avenues available through the US government. I found out at that time that I was sold a bad mortgage, as it looked like a home, but it had two roofs on it and two foundations encased as one… deceived! Everhome dropped me and would not work with me in modifying or refinancing. Was not my fault they purchased a bad mortgage, and I was not able to work with Flagstar, the originator. Neither companies loan on a mobile home with addition. I was foreclosed upon. I tried to short sell and they would not accept it. Now I just want to clear it off my record.

Ilano, Lincoln Park, MI

1 Star Situations Happen Every Day


ACG 5 Star Review:

Tried modifying my mortgage loan on my own, twice actually, but no luck. Until I called ACG. [I] got my loan mod approved and all is well.

Michael, Woodland Hills, CA

ACG 5 Star Review:

We were struggling trying to get assistance in keeping our home for over a year when I was introduced to ACG Today both my homes are modified and our family has a chance for a fresh start.

Patricia, Porter Ranch, CA

ACG 5 Star Review:

I have worked with [the] team personally and professionally referring them many clients over the past few years. If you need help with a loan modification, short sale, or want to avoid foreclosure I highly suggest you use Absolute Consultant Group!

Daniel, Santa Clarita, CA

You Know You can't Chance Being A 1 Star Review.

ACG Specialist Here To Help Your EverHome Mortgage.

You Know You can't Chance Being A 1 Star Review.

ACG Specialist Here To Help Your EverHome Mortgage.

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**We are not affiliated with any mortgage servicer, the investor/beneficiary of your mortgage note, the mortgage insurer (if applicable) or any government agency. The information found on this page is for educational and convenience purposes only. The information...

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**We are not affiliated with any mortgage servicer, the investor/beneficiary of your mortgage note, the mortgage insurer (if applicable) or any government agency. The information found on this page is for educational and convenience purposes only. The information...

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