Fire Damage Repair: Filing Your Insurance Claim

Fire Damage

Affects More Than Just The Homes That Burn.

Smoke Damage

Your Insurance Must Pay To Clean Smoke.

Heat Damage

Heat Can Warp, Damage, and Weaken A Structure.

If You've Been Affected By Fire Or Smoke Damage You May Be Entitled To Compensation

Your Insurance Company May Be Required To Give You A Larger Payout Than They Lead On. It’s Your Money And Not The Mortgage Lenders. Speak To One Of Our Specialist To Understand What Your Rights Are.

Fire Damage Restoration Repair Insurance Claim

Nobody wants to come home to their property being burnt by a fire but it happens to thousands of people each year. Whether it’s due to fire works on the Forth of July, a cooking accident, or a fire caused by dry brush the impact left behind could be devestating because the fire loss of family heirlooms and irreplaceable items.

That’s one of the top reasons why homeowners have hazard insurance policies on their homes. It’s not only fire but smoke soot from a neighboring property could cause damage too. When tragedy strikes you may not be able to get back your most valuable possesions but you can at least be compensated in part by your insurance company.

That though opens a can of worms. The next issue is whether your insurance company is prepared to properly compensate you. Insurance companies are known for trying to weasel their way out of paying claims and that is why working with the right professionals can insure your claims are paid quickly and appropraitely.

Get Help With Process

If you’re concerned about your insurance coverage our experts can be retained to guide you at no out of pocket fee. For more information call 888-934-3444.

Filing A Fire Damages Insurance Claim

Mortgage Lender Claims Process

At times you can avoid an insurance claim check from being issued with your lender’s name on it with the proper negotiations. Many types of claims do not require the lender to issue stipends. The concern most lenders have is that the money will not be used to repair the home. Often you will need to provide a bid to the bank for their review and approval. Every step takes time and when they do eventually approve they will often only disburse little bits at a time often frustrating your general contractors and slowing down the process.

When filing a claim you always want to make sure to remember a few things:

  1. Period – Make sure you have the date of the smoke damage.
  2. Images/Proof Of Damage – Take pictures of any damage that is clearly visible.

hygienist comes out

hirer cleaners after – pressure watch and cleaning out air ducts – removing smell and improving living standard

Finding A Fire Damage Restoration Service

There are many construction companies out there but only a select few specialized in fire damage repair. House fire repair should only be completed by a professional trained in fire damage cleanup.

How To Know Fire Repair Is Completed Properly

insurance claim

Attorney Claims Adjustor

Smoke Soot Damage Is Still Damage

Hundreds Of Homes Adjacent To Those That Burn Are Harmed. If You Can’t Get Rid Of That Smell Or Your Paint Isn’t As Bright As It Used To Be You May Be Entitled To A Claim.

Clean Smoke Damage Home Insurance Claim

Fire soot is not only damaging but has also been shown to be carinogenic. Getting this cleaned right away can be a choir and doing it yourself is not always an option because it gets into the paint, clothes, vents, and even in your insulation. Once it’s in there without the proper remediation it could be years or permanent.

What is Fire Soot?

Pronounce /ˈsʊt/ fire soot is the smoke, which is like a thick dust, that is made up of impure carbon. It results from the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons such as coal, oil, wood or other fuels. what makes soot so hard to clean is it can consist of whatever has burned which creates acidic chemicals, even metals, and soils.

How To Clean Smoke Damage?

There is no easy way on how to fix smoke damage. The smoke leave oily residue and can stain the paint, carpets, drapes, and even the air ducts. It can be very intensive to clean smoke. Anything that has been affected by smoke general has to be removed before you can be begin to clean and deodorize items. Soot on the exterior of the home may also need to be removed and patched while at times it can be pressure washed but results will vary. That’s why when filing an insurance claim it’s not only important to know that someone will pay for remediation but it’s important to know what proper steps need to be taken in order to fix the problem. Contracts will sometimes cut corners in order to maximize the amount of money they make in the least amount of time. When dealing with how to clean a smoke damaged house the best person is a professional team.

How To Clean Soot?

Often the answer to this is usually the trash but we understand that’s not always appropriate. For paint or dry wall you can try multiple coats of paint but cutting out the effected area is usually your best bet in order to avoid unpleasant oders being left behind.

Popular Soot Cleaner

Always hire a professional before using any of these methods. Use at your own risk.

The best cleaner for smoke damage is really dependent on the surfact you’re working with. There are just a few of the options a smoke cleaner might use:

  • If it’s glass people often suggest using white vinegar and warm water (equal parts) in a spray bottle. This might even work for certain bricks; Let the spray sit for a period of time and then spray again before washing off.
  • For the exterior of a home purposes a pressure washer might do the trick but you can try to remove obvious pieces of soot, use a dry sponge, then a clean cloth in rubbing alcohol (dabbing stains), and mild dish soap with a quart of water.
  • For furniture, depending on the type and material, you can try to remove the loose soot with a dry sponge, followed by a moistened rag/cloth that has water and a mild detergent; If smoke stains linger, try lightly sanding the surface with the finest grit sandpaper you can can get.
  • Wood Floors can be cleaned by removing the excess soot with a dry sponge, followed by some light-careful use of a razor blade to shave the outer surface away and a citrus degreaser and water but make sure to dry thoroughly to avoid warping of the wood planks.
  • Stone can also be tough to clean as it’s porous so using something a little more heavy duty like a phosphate paste (TSP and Water) is an option but you don’t want to use it on ceramic tile, metal, glass, or wood because it can etch the surface (this same substance is often used to remove grout); This should only be used by professionals and as recommended by the manufacturer of the product. For something this strong you should always make sure to use the proper protection like gloves and eye wear.

In some cases there is no saving the affected space so removal may be your only option.

How To Get Smoke Damage Out Of Clothes?

Always make sure to check with the clothing labels washing instructions. If necessary contact a professional dry cleaner or cleaning service for further directions.

How To Clean Smoke Out Of Washable Fabrics?

  1. If washable, use a washing machine to clean the smoke stained article of clothing.
  2. Fill the washing machine with Hot and add laundry detergent as normal.
  3. With a measuring cup add a cup of white vinegar to the water in the machine.
  4. Wash as you would with the normal cycles.

NOTE: If there is a slight smell from the vinegar it will generally go away quickly.

How To Clean Smoke Out Of Non-Washable Fabrics?

Non-washable fabrics are a bit more difficult to clean. It may take you a few times to get the smoke damage smell out.

  1. Apply baking soda over the article of clothing.
  2. Let it sit and breath for a few days while the banking soda absorbs the odors.
  3. Air out the item in an area where the baking soda will be easy to clean off of the floor.
  4. Repeat as necessary.

NOTE: You may use Febreeze if baking soda is not available. Odor Check by Watkins removes smells and might also be an option but use as directed. Depending on the odor removal product you choose know if there are no chemicals it will often mask the odor but not get rid of it.

How to Remove Smoke Stains From Walls? (Soot Removal)

When dealing with fire damage there are often patches of smoke soot that get ingrained in the surrounding areas. Often people are looking for how to clean smoke off walls.

Filing A Smoke Soot Damage Claim

When filing a claim you always want to make sure to remember a few things:

  1. Period – Make sure you have the date of the smoke damage.
  2. Images/Proof Of Damage – Take pictures of any damage that is clearly visible.