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Wells Fargo Short Sale Application, Forms And Packages

Short Sale Package PDF

Take the first step to getting started on your short sale. Download Forms Here.

Next Steps

Find out what’s next. Make sure you cross every ‘T’ and dot every ‘I’.  No Mistakes!

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It may not be too late to try other options. We can review what’s out there.

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Take the first step to getting started on your short sale. Download Forms Here.

Next Steps

Find out what’s next. Make sure you cross every ‘T’ and dot every ‘I’.  No Mistakes!

Other Mortgage Programs

It may not be too late to try other options. We can review what’s out there.

Are You Still Dealing With Wells Fargo By Yourself?!

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?Are You Still Dealing With Wells Fargo By Yourself?!?

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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage RMA Short Sale Package Forms

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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage RMA Short Sale Package Forms

Limited Time Offer Coupon!

FREE  Custom Wells Fargo Strategy Session With A Wells Fargo Experienced Team Member.

Step 1: Wells Fargo Short Sale Experts

Find out why no one knows more than we do.

Finding The Right Short Sale Agent

Finding The Right Agent

The short sale is a relatively common occuring procedure but it has a lot of complications and there are a very few people who know how to deal with it properly. This is why it is very important that you know how to find the perfect person who knows how to deal with the process properly. There should be a very few surprises if any. We have got a large team of short sale experts Nationwide if you have not been able to figure out where to turn to. Click here to request a call from a short sale pro or call 888-934-3444. 

Get The Short Sale Listing On The Market

Get The Property Listed!

Getting the property properly listed is also included in the initial step of the short sale process. It is expected from you bu the lender that you will work with a broker to get your property listed so that it gets a fair review. Wells Fargo will never allow that you just bring an offer to them. Documents such as the MLS Listing and MLS History will be required from you as a proof that a property has been properly listed.

As long as you do not complete this step you will not be allowed to move forward with the process and usually the first document that you will need to submit will be the listing agreement.

Pro Tip: Many lenders will require you to list for a minimum of 5 days and a weekend before accepting an offer.
NOTE: Wells Fargo may prequalify you to do a short sale in some situations.They may even tell you what to list the property as in some cases. Know that all of this is misleading because when you get an offer they will still need to do a full and standard short sale review.

Step 2: The Short Sale Offer

Making an offer on an Wells Fargo Short Sale is more than just a number!

Real Estate Short Sale Definition

What is a short sale?

If the offer on the property is not enough to pay off all the debts against the property then this kind of sale is known as a short sale. It is not possible for Wells Fargo to review you application untill they have an offer. They will also need to see that what is the net amount that you are making them after all the short sale closing costs have ben deducted from it. Past due taxes, non-recurring closing costs, attorney fees, settlement fees, title fees, and anything else that may apply are all included in it.

Best Short Sale Buyer

Find The Right Buyer For Your Short Sale

Strong Short Sale Buyers

The most important quality a buyer should have is patience, it means that the potential buyer should be ready to wait. A buyer that is patient is more important than the all cash buyer or even the buyer whose offer is higher than the others. Your broker will need to interview the potential buyers to make sure that they are solid. Only the buyer is not important but the broker representing is also very important.

Previously Approved Short Sales

Previously Approved SPS Short Sale

Sometimes to make it look like that the short sale process with Wells Fargo will be quicker some brokers advertise that their short sale was previously approved. Even if Wells Fargo had approved their short sale in most of the cases a full review will still be required.

Pro Tip: Lenders can only review one offer at a time. The process can be hard and have a lot of hoops to jump through. Make sure you choose the one most likely to close. The highest offer is not always the best offer.

Step 3: Submit Wells Fargo Mortgage Short Sale Package

Thoroughly review your documents. The wrong information can hurt you!

Wells Fargo Short Sale Submittal

Submiting Your Short Sale Package to Wells Fargo To Get The Process Going.

What is in the Wells Fargo Mortgage Short Sale Package?

Generally all the lenders require the same documents which include Wells Fargo. The documents which will be required include: a listing agreement, a purchase agreement, proof of the buyer’s ability to perform such as proof of funds or a prequalification letter from the buyer’s lender. That’s only the beginning.

As you are a short sale seller so it will be required of that you provide your financial information such as a monthly budget, your tax returns for the last two years along with a 4506t to show the returns were actually filed, pay stubs or proof of income like a profit and loss, bank statements, reason for requiring to do a short sale, and a hardship letter.

Pro Tip: In most cases working with a skilled team such as ours should be able to pick out the items that will most likely be asked of by your lender. If your lender has to request items it’s likely they passed over your short sale when it could have been reviewed.

Step 4: Wells Fargo Mortgage Short Sale Broker's Price Opinion (BPO) or Appraisal


Wells Fargo Short Sale Value

Getting The Right Value Goes A Long Way.

The only way that a lender like Wells Fargo can know whether you are eligible for the short sale or not is by completing a value. In most of the cases A broker does a value mostly by comparing comparable properties in the area. The properties currently listed in the area and more importantly the properties that have been sold within last 3 to 6 months are compared. Many conditions are considered while reviewing which include home’s perceived condition, the size of the living space, the size of the lot, how many stories it has and whether or not it has a pool.

Market conditions and how fast homes are selling in the area are taken into consideration. There are many factors that are taken into consideration.

Wells Fargo Short Sale Appraisal

Short Sale Appraisal Values

Wells Fargo is usually representing an investor which is already taking a loss so the investor will like to get a price opinion called Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO). But for the cases the investor likes to get a deeper review they may consider an appraiser. Appraisers have specific licenses that are for valuing properties. Some investors such as Fannie Mae (FNMA) complete two appraisals. The type of value completed varies from lender to lender and investor to investor.

Wells Fargo Value Disputes and Variances

Filing Value Disputes and Variances

What if the value returns too high? This happens to both the experts and rookies. Sometimes it does not matter how hard you try and meet regularly with the appraiser or broker and help them and give them data that they will use in their report but often they are not from that area and compare properties that have nothing in common

Pro Tip: Short Sale Variance is an opportunity to apply for a short sale servicer such as Wells Fargo to vary from their typical practices. Often values are good from the day they are completed for 90 days; Sometimes longer.

Step 5: Finalize Short Sale Terms


How Long Does A Wells Fargo Short Sale Take

Well’s Fargo Short Sale Time Line Coming To An End.

The undersigned or the administration will decide whether to present your case to the investor or not once they have received the values and complete package. Usually, an auditing process occurs before presenting the file to the management and then there is another audit before issuing the approval letter

Wells Fargo Short Sale Counters

Wells Fargo Counters Short Sale

Sadly this time can also be the time when Wells Fargo issues a counter to you proposal or even reject it. One needs a special set of skill acquired by experience only to compete with the both conditions. Easy tasks can be done by anyone but it is the difficult tasks that are hard and seperate the experts and rookies.

Step 6: Closing A Short Sale


Short Sale Escrow

Short Sale Escrow.

Escrow process of short sale is much similar to the traditional escrow process. It is possible to move through the escrow once all debt holders have given their approval. By Now a title search should have been issued to assure that all parties affiliated with the property have been dealt with.

Short Sale Extensions

Wells Fargo Issues Short Sale Extension

One question that we get all the time is that what happens if the approval letter that has been issued expires and we were not able to complete the short sale process in the time frame. Honestly, there is not a simple answer to it. It depends on delinquency of the mortgage, whether the value they have expired, and many other details. Consult one of our professionals if you need more time to see what we are able to get approved with Wells Fargo’s Management. Results may vary greatly but the best part of our services is we only get paid if the transaction successfully closes (we are generally paid from the real estate comissions awarded to the agents involved and paid out of Wells Fargo’s net).

Pro Tip: Week one. Strike that. Within a few days of having all the approvals in line you should be able to tell whether or not this buyer is going to really perform. The right professionals apply pressure to all the parties involved to ensure the transaction gets done!

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How Does ACG Get Paid?

ACG (Absolute Consultant Group) has an expertise in working with the local agent to get the property sold. Wells Fargo will pay us directly from the Escrow Closing account. We get paid nothing if your transaction does not closes. We are usually paid from the amount that is awarded to the brokers involved in the deal. Generally this service doesn’t costs a penny to the consumer. Call for details 888-934-3444.

Understanding The Wells Fargo (WFHM) Short Sale Status

You may have already noticed by looking at the Wells Fargo Mortgage Assistance Application (MAPP) that it is a relatively a long document. Wells Fargo has not done anything yet to make this process simpler for the consumer but that’s why ACG is here to assist you with your application for the short sale process to get mortgage assistance from your servicer.

Assistance For Wells Fargo (WFHM) In America

When you work with ACG for all the challenges related to Wells Fargo (WFHM) we will become your single point of contact. We will become a one stop shop for all you mortgage relief services when you work with us. We will work with you through all the process from start to finish to complete your short sale with Wells Fargo (WFHM).

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Wells Fargo Short Sale Package Breakdown

What is the Wells Fargo (WFHM) Short Sale Package?
Wells Fargo will require from you to submit a package called Mortgage Assistance Application (MAAPP). When applying you should take care fo using the latest paperwork; Always check with a professional. The paperwork we last found was put up on the Absolute Consultant Group(ACG) Website. ACG helps homeowners with their Wells Fargo Loan Modification process.

There are 10 Sections to the standard Wells Fargo Short Sale Package. Having a total of 11 pages

Need Assistance With A Wells Fargo Mortgage?


Need Assistance With Wells Fargo Mortgage?


Short Sale MAAPP Package PDF Breakdown:

Hardship Affidavit Application Check List

  1. Page 1 – About You On this page Wells Fargo really covers the basic information about the borrower and the co-borrower. It covers the contact information for each, their social security information, along with making sure to gather the mailing address for each.
  2. Page 2- About Your Property There is a disclosure that covers SCRA (Soldiers and Sailors Act) information but this page is really about Wells Fargo covering what they need to know about thelso  property. The home attached to your mortgage loan needs to be qualified by various factors. They want to know your residence status and if it’s a rental modification you are applying for. Wells Fargo also has models they use based on the number of residents in the home to establish reasonable monthly budgets. Afso they need to know if your intent is to keep or sell the home. Lastly, they ask you what property it is you are asking for assistance with and if the insurance is up to date.
  3. Page 3- About Your Mortgage Loan  It seems odd but this section the use to ask you questions that it seems like Wells Fargo would know like are your taxes escrowed or is your home insurance included with your payment. The one question they ask that they wouldn’t know is if you have a homeowners association or other types of dues.
  4. Page 4 – About Your Property Title This is where your Wells Fargo mortgage asks about additional liens and judgments.  They cover if there are second mortgages and how to contact and of these lien holders.
  5. Page 5 – Listing Status and Employment Information Wells Fargo considers all mortgage solutions through their “One Decision” policy so they take into consideration whether you are actively markeing the property for sale, with whom you have the home listed and if you’ve received an offers. They also cover in a very simple way the employment history and whether either of the borrowers are currently unemployeed. No matter what the situation Wells Fargo Mortgage is always trying to establish when things started.
  6. Page 6 Financial Information (Income)  WFHM Home Mortgage Loan Borrower Financial Information assistance package asks for your monthly budget. Wells Fargos wants to cover all the basics so they ask, for one, about your gross/net income. You need to inlude all sources of income including non-borrower contributors in the budget. You must also inform them of any assets that you have. This includes but is not limited to, bank checking accounts, and anything else you have of value.
  7. Page 7 – Financial Information (Expenses) In this area you have to make sure you cover everything that is part of your monthly expenses spanning from food to utilities to child costs.
  8. Page 8 – Hardship Affidavit Wells Fargo Home Mortgage always looks for the reason you are defaulting. They look to see that issue has been resolved because otherwise they won’t be able to set you up on a sustainable plan and reach affordability. This section covers somewhat what a hardship letter covers such as the date the hardship occured and additional details surrounding the situation.
  9. Page 9 – Wells Fargo Hardship Affidavit Continued  This page is a series of boxes that cover different types of hardship so you only have to fill out what applies to you.
  10. Page 10 – Assistance To Date Wells Fargo like most lenders must assure they did everything they could to help mitigate losses so they ask you if you’ve previously received assistance, whether or not you filed bankruptcy and if you’ve been speaking to credit counseling agencies what their name and number is.
  11. Page 11 – Government Use This last section doesn’t really require the borrower to do too much but to fill out some basic census type information.

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