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Specialized Loan Servicing, LLC., also known as SLS, is part of a larger company called Computershare Limited which is a Melbourne, Australian based company. Servicing mortgages is this division of Computershare’s portfolio of companies. Specialized Loan Servicing’s mortgage borrowers who look on the web to find their online login for their home mortgage locate tons of information about them, their parent company and all the other subsidiaries too. This though gets difficult to weave through which is why here at Absolute Consultant Group we help you get right to what you’re looking for and we are your premier place to find the mortgage assistance relief services you need. You can reach us 7 days a week at 888-934-3444 for immediate assistance with their mortgage.

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SLS Mortgage Servicing Complaints

Specialized Loan Servicing has a list a mile long of complaints. In 2016 they were named in a class action lawsuit for allegedly states they failed to respond to loan modification applications in a reasonable time frame. This also included that SLS failed to inform borrowers what information was missing in order to process their loan modification application along with falsely telling homeowners the application submitted on their behalf was missing information that was provided on various times. The allegedly denied borrowers’ loan modification requests without an appropriate explanation; and wrongfully foreclosure (dual tracking claims) while a modification was actively under review.

Top 3 Specialized Loan Servicing Home Loans Customers Complaints:

Here are the things that most people complain about.

  1. Specialized Loan Servicing mortgage loans clients of ours regularly complain that when they try to call in to get mortgage assistance from the loss mitigation department it’s often difficult to get a stratight answer.
  2. Our client’s with an SLS Loan say that until they met us customers they were used to sending in paperwork on their home loans without being able to confirm they were received and often would have to resend the same items requested over and over. With us you send us the documents once and we keep supplying them to SLS until they are confrimed received.
  3. Specialized Loan Servicing’s Request for Mortgage Assistance (RMA) forms can be daunting. The forms are long, difficult to understand, and can be wordy. The more words you see on the page the less you want to do it but it’s crutial to getting mortgage relief assistance from your home loan’s lender. If you have any questions with your SLS Assistance package call us at 888-934-3444

Where is Specialized Loan Servicing Headquarters?

SLS Mortgage’s main headquarters is in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

SLS Mailing Address

8742 Loucent Blvd Suite 300

Highlands Ranch, CO 80129-2386

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See SLS Headquarters?

See SLS Headquarters?

Specialized Loan Servicing Home Loan Customers

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Difficulties Making Contact With Specialized Loan Servicing? We Can Help!

One Contact To Us And You’re Never Chasing Them Down Again.

Specialized Loan Servicing Mortgage Servicing Complaints and Reviews


Due to space constraints we are not able to include the complete review(s). The name of each reviewer links to where the reviews maybe located. For the complete review click the links.

SLS 1 Star Review:

As I’ve said before on this complaint site – SLS is terrible. They want all questions/concerns in writing, yet they will never give you a direct answer. There are thousands of complaints against SLS. Anyone “googling” SLS can readily find complaints across the board on them. It’s shocking how this “company” still operates. Anyone who has a loan modification – or is trying to get one… please note: There is a Class Action Lawsuit that has been filed against them (finally… need to file more against these.) regarding improper mishandling of loan modifications… Will forward all info.

Ina, Clinton TWP, MI

SLS 1 Star Review:

I have been reading comments about Specialized Loan. My family is also a victim of this company. I also had a mortgage with Bank of America when all hell broke loose. We tried to do a loan modification. First it went thru, then no, they lost the paperwork, send more. We did everything right even paid but no checks were cashed, same story. This has been going on since 2009. Then in 2011 SLS started coming to my home handing me a letter to call them, we called same old thing. In 2014 they started foreclosure proceeding. We went mediation. Oh yes, we will send the papers. Guess what, nothing.

Patricia, Palm Bay, FL

Stay Out Of The Red With ACG.

Stay Out Of The Red With ACG.

SLS 1 Star Review:

Have tried to submit loan modification since 2012. It is now 2016. Every time I call they tell me they are requesting more documents. By the time they receive extra documents they tell me time period has ended and I need to start over. House has gotten taken away from me and all they say is “we can’t do anything”. Sorry for anyone that has to deal with this company.

Shayan, Tarzana, CA

SLS 1 Star Review:

Our loan was sent over to SLS from IndyMac/OneWest during the middle of a mod loan application. We never received any communication from SLS that they had taken over our account until half a year later, when we were notified of the foreclosure on our home. We hired a lawyer and the judge put a TRO on SLS’s plan to foreclose. We’ve gone round and round with them. They still refuse to contact us directly, although all of our communication asks them to do so. It’s been two years now. We’ve never once received a mortgage statement or phone call/message from SLS. 

Te, Tustin, CA

ACG 5 Star Review:

Tried modifying my mortgage loan on my own, twice actually, but no luck. Until I called ACG. [I] got my loan mod approved and all is well.

Michael, Woodland Hills, CA

ACG 5 Star Review:

We were struggling trying to get assistance in keeping our home for over a year when I was introduced to ACG Today both my homes are modified and our family has a chance for a fresh start.

Patricia, Porter Ranch, CA

ACG 5 Star Review:

I have worked with [the] team personally and professionally referring them many clients over the past few years. If you need help with a loan modification, short sale, or want to avoid foreclosure I highly suggest you use Absolute Consultant Group!

Daniel, Santa Clarita, CA

ACG 5 Star Review:

These guys are amazing. Just closed a short sale with them. [They were] responsive and fast from start to fininsh. We hit the deadline a couple times and they were able to get extensions granted. Tons of paperwork in a short sale with unforgiving timelines and strict criterias. I’m glad I had these guys on my side. Highly recommended.

Hyle, Sacramento, CA

SLS Assistance Relief Just Got Easier. Find Out Why Everyone Else Is Talking About ACG.

SLS Assistance Relief Just Got Easier. Find Out Why Everyone Else Is Talking About ACG.

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Specialized Loan Servicing Mortgage Loan Modification
SLS Short Sale
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SLS Mortgage Rate Too High? See If Today Is Your Day To Make a Switch.

Specialized Loan Servicing Headquarters Map

Specialized Loan Servicing Headquarters

Specialized Loan Servicing (SLS) is based out of Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Specialized Loan Servicing Short Sale Application, Forms And Packages

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