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Short Sale Processing

Owe More Than What A Home Is Worth? We Work With Your Lender For A Complete Release From Them.

2nd Mortgage Settlement

Settle Your Debt For A Fraction Of What You Owe. We Break Down Your Lender To Get You The Lowest Settlements.

Mortgage Assistance Relief Programs

Available. Call Now To Speak To An Expert.

You’ve Spoken. 5 Stars. Over 30 Reviews.

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

ACG 5 Star Review:

“I’ve worked with Jonathan, Lyonel & Brett since 2014, I’ve referred them many Shortsales & Equity Listings and every referral so far has praised their service & abilities….I believe they are genuine advocates with talents that are unmatched in the industry. As a Realtor of 15 years, and a Short Sale specialist, I thought I had dealt with almost every situation, and I am super skeptical about outside companies that talk about helping homeowners. I was blown away by how professional, knowledgeable, and efficient they were! …They were able to get foreclosure sales postponed, consult with attorneys when necessary, and had contacts with executives and decision makers they were able to call on when things got dicey… In particular, I have to credit Lyonel and Jorge for being incredible to work with. ”

Tara P., Santa Rosa, CA

ACG 5 Star Review:

“What a great group of people to work with! I send the whole ACG team of Lyonel, Jon, Brett, Jorge, Rusty, and Alex big thank you’s for helping process short sales for our closings! They are professional and personable group to work with, who will be honest with you… It’s valuable finding a real short sale processing [company] that actually can deliver valuable results. I highly recommend this company to any realtor looking for an extra hand to help process their short sale files, or any homeowner in distressed position knowing their best interest are being looked after for. Thanks again!”

Jordy B., Las Vegas, NV

ACG 5 Star Review:

“I worked with [ACG]… based on a referral I received from a Real Estate friend James. From the beginning… instructions and details were to the point and transparent… [Their] ‘strong’ advise was NOT to stop paying the mortgage and/or default. There were no surprises or additional charges levied on us by [ACG]… We put the trust in him and he and his company did not fail one bit. A honest, reliable and wonderfully soft-spoken human being is Jonathan Katz. Any day wouldn’t hesitate to work with him on anything else that I might need around Real Estate.  I am sure [ACG] will be a market leader in what you are doing for your work ethics, transparency and honesty!

Ram C., San Jose, CA

Absolute Consultant Group

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Find A Way To Keep Your Home. 100% Satisfaction. Only Accept The Terms You Feel Are On Your Terms.

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With So Much Happening At Once, What’s Right For You? We Can Simplify The Options For You.

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Foreclosure Can Ruin Your Credit. Limit The Impact With The Right Planning. There Are Things You Need To Know.

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100% Guarantee

We Only Get Paid If You Are Successful In Reaching An Agreement With Your Lender And You Accept It!

Largest Coverage Area!

We Work Nationwide. We Work With Any Lien Holders. From Government To Mortgage Companies.

Way More Contacts

More Than A Decade Gives Us Access To Over A Thousand Contacts At Mortgage Servicers. Who Could Help?

Getting Help From A Lender Has Never Been This Simple.

Mortgage Assistance Relief Services

Short Sales

Underwater? Owe More Than What Your Home Is Worth? We Specialize In Getting The Bank To Go Away.

Mortgage Settlement

Settle Any Debt; Get It Off Your Title. If You Owe More Than Your Home Is Worth This Could Be The Option For You.


Need A Mortgage, Business Loan, Or Fast Money Based On Your Equity? You’ve Come To The Right Place.

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Frequently Asked Mortgage Assistance Relief Questions

How Do I Hire ACG To Represent Me?

There are two ways to hire ACG

#1. If you are doing a short sale, call us, let us know who you want us to work with or we can engage a realtor for you. Call 888-934-3444.

#2. Any other programs contact us at 888-934-3444 for our service agreements and details.

How Much Does ACG Charge?
ACG is only paid if you are successful. In a short sale we are commonly paid by your lender out of the commissions at the close of escrow so there is no direct cost to you or your agent. In most cases we are paid 1% of the sales price of an approved offer or agreed upon fee(s) with a minimum of 1500.  In a loan modification fees may vary based on the state and type of service provider rendering services but the fees are often 1% of the loan balance with a minimum of 3,000. Please check service agreements for terms and details.
How Fast Is ACG?
Very Fast. We start immediately once we’ve been contracted to begin.
What Are My Mortgage Assistance Time Frames?
Times may vary based on your lender, investor, and overall review volume at your servicer. ACG aggressively pushes the lender’s mortgage assistance review as fast as possible and expect average time frames for reviews to be between 60-90 days.
Can ACG Guarantee My Results?
Unfortunately no one can guarantee your results not even your loan servicer! If your loan servicer can’t  guarantee results because they are not the owner of the loan; Neither can we. What we do have is the experience to see many of the pitfalls before they happen. This leads to shorter review times and better results.
Is ACG part of my mortgage lender?
Based on the number of people we know it may feel that way but we are not part of your mortgage lender which means were are able to advocate for you.
Is ACG a government agency?

ACG is a for profit privately held company. We are not part of any local, state, or federal programs. ACG is not a HUD Counselor.