Protect  Neighborhood From Compromising Foreclosure Crime

Foreclosure CrimeWhen a home goes into foreclosure, it is normally foreclosed by the bank quietly and with little elaboration. There are a number of banks who lack in the required staff and are not prepared to deal with a huge number of foreclosures. It means if a home is foreclosed by these banks it will not be on the market for a number of coming months.

But, it does not mean you cannot do anything and you should sit idle and let the home deteriorate. Vacant homes invite criminals and may cause huge problem if you don’t take the required actions at the right time. 

Things you can do to defend your neighbor going into foreclosures.

Look at Bank’s Posted Foreclosure Notice

When a home goes into foreclosure the banks normally hang a notice of default and information about foreclosure in the front window or on the door of the home. Sometimes the notice will include the trustee’s sale or date of auction. It is better to write down the telephone number and address to keep for future reference and it will save you as well as if any problem arises.

Abandoned Foreclosure Pets

In the case of foreclosure you will see abandoned animals in or outside the house. Because, some homeowners can’t take their pets with them, they leave their pets behind, either in the home or in the backyard. You should look back over the fence and listen at the door for sounds of activity inside. If you find abandoned foreclosure pets, you should immediately call your local SPCA or Humane Society and plead with the organizations to rescue these helpless pets.

Don’t Park Your Vehicle in the Driveway without Permission

You should not trespass just because the home is abandoned. It does not mean that you can enter into the home without any permission. Your car could be towed without any notice. Although your previous neighbors may have allowed you to park in their driveway while they were on vacation, they no longer own this home so you should get permission. You should call the bank and require permission in writing if you want to park your car in that driveway. 

Report Abandoned Property

Most of the times unoccupied homes become dumping lands for unwanted materials like furniture, garbage or abandoned vehicles. If you feel that your previous neighbor has left the property and you are observing the unwanted material being thrown in front of the home you should call your local city department and ask them to remove the waste from the property

Collect Mail and Discarded Newspapers

If you feel that no one is living in the house and there are a number of mails cluttering up in the front door. You need to prevent mail form scattering across the yard or inviting criminals by picking it up and stacking it up in some box. Sooner or later the home will be listed by a real estate agent, and you can give the box to that person so he can have the access to any notice that was issued related to the property.

Mow and Water the Lawn

When adding a foreclosed home into bank owned in inventory, the first thing banks do, they winterize the home. It is called winterizing whether it is done in summer or winter and it involves shutting off the water.  You should mow the lawn by using your own water hose.

Report Suspicious Activity to the Police

Vacant properties invite thieves and are the always on the stake. They take everything including furniture, appliances and anything they found of some worth. If you see some disturbing activity in your neighbor you should immediately call police instead of stopping them.

Make the Foreclosed Home Appear Occupied

Because the banks seize the property and stop watering the lawn and the flower garden starts dying and you see deadhead spent blooms. Fertilize. If it is fall, then rake the leaves and gather them, and waste properly. Pick up fallen fruit from fruit trees if there are some fruit trees. In the winter, scoop a path to the front door and remove snow from the front door or driveway.

Neighborhood Watch Program

Look for Neighborhood Watch Program in your area and start if you haven’t started yet. You can contact your police department for literature on start-up procedures and obtain Neighborhood Watch Signs to secure to the door or National Sheriff’s Association. Besides getting literature about neighborhood safety it is a good way to get to know your neighbors and collect their phone numbers for emergencies.

Call Authorities about Foreclosed Homes with Swimming Pools

Look for the swimming pool dealing authorities in your area. Most of the county agencies maintain departments that will deal with abandoned swimming pools. The will put some mosquito-eating fish into the pool and will take the necessary action. It is suggested to no drain the pool because it could cause the pool to crack or sink into the ground.