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US Bank Loan Modification

Get Help With Your US Bank Home Mortgage Loan Modification

Talk To A Specialist Who Knows How To Deal With A US Bank Mortgage.

Get Help With Your US Bank Home Mortgage Loan Modification

Talk To A Specialist Who Knows How To Deal With A US Bank Mortgage.
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US Bank Home Mortgage’s Loan Modification Process

US Bank Home Mortgage‘s Modification timelines vary person to person and investor to investor but the process is similar to that at other mortgage servicers:

  1. Interview With The Assigned US Bank Representative  Not everyone is assigned to a Single Point Of Contact (SPOC). If you’re not, don’t worry, we can get one assigned rather quickly. Giving them a call is the primary step to having your loan reviewed for a Loan Modification. Often they need to trigger something in their system to know your application will be coming in.
  2. Submitting Your Mortgage Assistance Forms US Bank, like any other servicer, has a set of documents they require in order to review you for help on your mortgage. They used the Request for mortgage assistance (RMA) paperwork while HAMP was around but in many cases the Uniform Borrower Assistance Form is the best to apply with. It’s important before using any form to connect with one of our team to research who your mortgage investor is and the correct paperwork to use.
  3. US Bank Mortgage’s BPO (Broker’s Price Opinion) Getting a value is often the most critical step. The bank will sometimes send someone to value the property in person. Exterior BPOs will often be as simple as a drive by and interior BPOs will require an appointment for the broker to come through and take pictures. In some cases lenders will do a full blown appraisal but that varies from investor to investor. In some cases banks use what’s known as an Automated Valuation Model (AVM)
    to save some money which is simply going online to websites to see what it might be worth.
  4. Negotiate The Terms Doing a modification can feel like a battle just in getting in all the paperwork. Once it’s all in is when the negotiations really begin. As the terms are being reviewed, it is essential to have the right team on your side that will help you negotiate the numbers they use of for their evaluation before they’re sent off to underwriting for final assessment of any proposed loan modification approval. Often once your numbers are in and a decision is made your options are limited.
  5. Modification Approval/Decline Lastly, most importantly, is getting a response. US Bank may be a lender but they are often servicing loans for other financial institutions is usually operating on behalf of an investor and whilst you get a response it’s typically the beneficiary that made the very last selection.

The obstacles of going through a loan modification are never this simple if not people wouldn’t have so much trouble making it through the process. We at Absolute consultant group (ACG) work with borrowers, as an intermediary, between them and their mortgage servicer. Dealing with the twist and turns of the process at US Bank’s mortgage modification department can be quite a task. Having to repeatedly send items is part of our daily practice.  Being transferred from department to department is a normal affair. It’s not uncommon for US Bank’s mortgage assistance department (Loss Mitigation) to tell you that you need to speak to the US Bank customer service department and then possibly finding out that they may be sending you back again to talk to Loss Mitigation. Our workforce is available to check your paperwork and to help you step with the best foot ahead. contact us at 888-934-3444.

US Bank’s Home Mortgage Loan Modification Timeline


Corporate bureaucracy is not anything new; US Bank being a large servicer is subject to multiple levels of management and decision makers. US Bank Home Mortgage’s review timeline varies on a few obvious matters and other now not so simple activities. There are a few points to consider why the answer on what the loan modification timeline for review has no clear answer:

  • For starters, US Bank Home Mortgage, is a loan servicer servicing debt on behalf of an investor. It’s important to understand how these parts come together. Even if they represent their own interests or they represent only the collections aspect of the debt working on someone else’s behalf there are limitations to the decisioning power the home retention department has. Home mortgage servicers have to follow the rules that come with the Pooling and Servicing Agreement (PSA). These guidelines control everything that has to do with your loan (or the pool of loans that it belongs to). This set of guidelines governs the rules of how to service each loan between the servicer and hiring organization (investor). Each Pooling and Servicing Agreement explains what areas of decision making power are delegated to the mortgage company/servicer on behalf of the investor. In many cases there a matrix the loan investor sets forth and comes to a decision therein the limitations that servicer has. They set the level of delegation (non-delegated) to ensure the rules are set for each type of mortgage relief program. Any mortgage amendment of the term, rate, or conditions need to be made according to the matrix. Certain investors like Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FHLMC) often take the procedure of making changes to the loans upon themselves. In a highly regulated industry the extra eyes invovled in each evaluation are the reason why files can take longer and longer for US Bank (or really their investor) to come up with a mortgage solution.
  • Another issue, with your US Bank mortgage’s loan modification timeline is where you fall in line as to being a concern. it’s commonly a first come first serve type bases. US Bank has to not necessarily move in the order the assistance applications are obtained but has to dynamically adapt to the surroundings as properly. First come/serve type workflow suddenly ends while the query, “Does my US bank home loan mortgage has a foreclosures sale date?” each person with a lively foreclosure auction date has precedence over people who do not. those with sale dates around the corner are typically pushed to the front of the road to be taken into consideration for loan relief assistance. The hard element is servicers, including US bank, work in huge volumes that foreclosure are on the books for just about each day of the week. With the strain mounting for house owners and specialists alike due to the day by day foreclosures public sale sale dates US Bank deals with what’s going on today or the next day and isn’t as worried with running as quickly as you might need even when you have a sale date for next week. remember this commercial enterprise is a primary come first serve but it is also inspired by way of foreclosure fame and proximity to the sale date.
  • Lastly, each loan modification isn’t an awesome mortgage modification. The goal for the lender is to position you in a loan that works for them but that still meets their standards for what your capacity to attain affordability is. there may be a couple of manner to slice up a loan and US financial institution looks at as many factors as feasible to be able to modify your loan. The “waterfall” procedure is a widely recognized approach where US Bank Loan modification department will evaluate your home loan for a mortgage modification via changing different factors and they pass down the line. If the primary one would not work they may evaluation you for the subsequent one, and so forth, till they find a loan modification that works. Departments because of this “waterfall” process are regularly very specialized so often distinct representatives cope with distinct parts of the assessment. An instance of that is how loan modification negotiators review best mortgage mods whilst short sale negotiators simply overview short pays (discounted payoffs).


US Bank Mortgage’s Home Loan Modification Timeline Conclusion: one of the first questions we get is how lengthy will it take? As tons as we would really like to give clients precise timelines for their home loan amendment assessment they vary so significantly from mortgage to mortgage. As discussed above choices are not always made at the servicer stage. If US Bank can reply or they must send it out for a beneficiaries review it makes a massive difference. again, if their modification evaluation fits from the first plan you’re analyzed for or it takes you till the eleventh plan to get a workable plan will also have an effect on your amendment timeline. There are even factors outside just the banking systems which includes however isn’t restricted to how rapid they get belongings values from valuation companies, how normally they ask you to ship documents through fax (legibly) and lots of other elements all impact the amendment timeline for your US Bank home mortgage loan modification to be reviewed.

If Your US Bank Loan Modification Has Been Denied. It May Not Be Too Late


Dealing With A US Bank Home Mortgage Loan Modification Decline And The US Bank Reentry Team

Has US Bank declined your mortgage modification? Are you managing with the Reentry branch? properly if you’ve been in touch in both in writing or through your property Preservation expert that they denied your loan modification or request for mortgage assistance you are not on your own. US Bank has many decline quotes in the industry. this is in which our specialized understanding is available in. There may additionally nevertheless be options for you but you need to act speedy. In some instances you may simplest have a small window to appeal the process. dealing with a domestic loan modification Decline can be hard and knowing what to ask can be complicated. it really is why know-how the info of all of the plans and the way that conflicts along with your records is key. here at ACG we’ve dozens of factors we evaluate if you want to understand why your US Bank domestic mortgage loan modification was rejected. Have us review your declined loan modifcation free of charge by means of calling us at 888-934-3444.

Additional US Bank Loan’s Mortgage Contact Information

US bank Mortgage Customer Service

US Bank Home Mortgage Complaints


US Bank Home Mortgage Loan Modification Reviews

US Bank Loan Modification Complaints

US Bank is a large company and the rules are literally changing every day. There are a lot of departments and even more hands in the pot of each case that making it through the system can be a real drag. It doesn’t have to be though and that’s where we come in. Give us a call and see how we can help you with your loan modification. Call 888-934-3444.

US Bank 1 Star Reviews

US Bank 1 Star Review:

Forewarning To All: Do not ever use US Bank for anything! US Bank is the absolute worst bank in the world. They are a piece of ####! I am going through a short sale like most of America at the moment because Florida has suffered immensely during these past 5 years. They are jerking me around in every single way that they can!

Christina, Leesburg, VA

Seterus 1 Star Review:

After a lengthy, frustrating attempt to refinance my home, I sold it as a short-sale. The day of closing, US Bank required that I sign a statement of the amount of the short sale. They then turned this over to a collection agency that harassed me with phone calls and ruined my credit.

Tom, Greeley, CO

Don't Be A 1 Star Review


Don't Be A 1 Star Review


US Bank 1 Star Review:

US Bank responded that they reviewed the information and would “work with me” on getting a short sale done. Well, their “working with me” ended the day they placed that response in their outgoing mailbox.

Now in March 2015, US Bank has still done absolutely nothing to resolve this situation.

Chad, Naples, FL

1 Star Situations Happen Every Day


ACG 5 Star Reviews

ACG 5 Star Review:

Tried modifying my mortgage loan on my own, twice actually, but no luck. Until I called ACG. [I] got my loan mod approved and all is well.

Michael, Woodland Hills, CA

ACG 5 Star Review:

We were struggling trying to get assistance in keeping our home for over a year when I was introduced to ACG Today both my homes are modified and our family has a chance for a fresh start.

Patricia, Porter Ranch, CA

ACG 5 Star Review:

I have worked with [the] team personally and professionally referring them many clients over the past few years. If you need help with a loan modification, short sale, or want to avoid foreclosure I highly suggest you use Absolute Consultant Group!

Daniel, Santa Clarita, CA

You Can't Chance Being A 1 Star Review.

ACG Specialist Here To Help Your US Bank Mortgage.

You Know You Can't Chance Being A 1 Star Review.

ACG Specialist Here To Help Your US Bank Home Mortgage.

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